Very expensive batman costumes at the top end

If you thought that batman’s influence was only on youngsters, then think again. Here are 2 news items to show how the caped crusader carries weight well outside the movie industry.

batman costumes

IN one state a Court has just banned a man from putting on a Batman costume to be reinforced by his bail conditions. He was arrested in Petoskey where he was seen hanging from a building, equipped with a baton and a chemical spray.He made a press statement that he was being chased by people and decided to hide the best way he could.
The terms of his bail strictly set out that he many not wear any batman costumes fro a period of 6 months.

In a second news item, DC comics limited edition of batman costumes is valued at $999
due to the detail on the muscles on the suit and a specially crafted mask and head set.
For women there is the $400 Batgirl costume. Included in the costume is a leotard and corset together with mask and gloves. You have to be a be a die hard enthusiast to get in that this end of the batman costumes market.

batman costume

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