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batman costume
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It seems that batman costumes will be with us forever .

Many characters make an appearance online but more likely fade away . If lucky enough, some will remain in popular demand for more than one season. But of all theses, the perennial one is batman costume.
As a student of modern literature you can make a great start at wikidpedia on Batman for a full history and references.
He is very well recognized and has lasted the longest.
A full range of batman costumes are available here. Batman costumes have in fact been in front of us in one from or another since 1930s where the comic strip brought him to our attention. This pushes other characters lower in the pecking order. The changes today are in the fabrics where we see silkier smoother materials, much better print qualities and inimitable stomach 6 pack muscles.

The batman outfit has overtaken the appeal of bat woman and Robin.
The character is so strong that now we see him catering fro pets, a far cry from what the original creators intended when they first devised that dark character of the night, stalking the streets of Gotham city. The human imagination is endless in its pursuit of lucrative new markets.

One relatively recent newcomer to the traditional scene is the jack sparrow costume of The Pirates of the Caribbean film series with princess costumes for girls also in top position.

So now without seeming too ridiculous, you could have your whole family putting on a batman costume for halloween this year.
Next up is the joker, played by Jack Nicholson in the movie and taken to the next level by Keith Ledger, who passed away 2 years ago.

The Joker caused a big surge of interest when he appeared for the first time in the 40s, and succeeds probably because he portrays a hint of menace.
If no one in your family member wants to play this role, then try the dog !! Yes, there are joker outfits for dogs.
One added advantage of your children using Batman is that the theme looks equally good at christmas and birthday parties. So for economy of use
you will get more value than just buying for a one-off halloween outfit.